Palmer in Princeton

Popular touristic attractions in Princeton, NJ: sightseeing

If you are looking for a tourist destination, Princeton should without a doubt be on your priority list with the versatility it provides and the sheer amount of activities to do and sights to see. These include theme parks, water parks, museums, historical sites and plenty more. Apart from that, the city employs an array of different cuisine which is bound to fancy your taste.

Much of the cause of the increasing number of visitors lies in the impressive amount of history that entails the city. Parts of Princeton were war zones during the 18th century, thus several battlefields have now been converted into parks.

Princeton is also noted for the several elegant water parks that surround the city, this includes the six flags hurricane harbor which is one of the largest water parks in America. It is also home to the largest safari outside of Africa, the Wild Safari comprises of over 2000 animals and is definitely an experience you should not miss out on if you happen to visit Princeton.

Princeton is also a great place to shop with several established malls to choose from. These include Pierre Deux, Labyrinth Books, Fast Frame, A step in stone, Cranbury Station Gallery and Lindt Chocolate shop among many more.

With the dozens of hotels and inns in Princeton, your stay is guaranteed to be comfortable and relaxing, Princeton features state of the art hotels providing excellent services like Hyatt Regency, Nassau Inn and Doubletree Hotel. Other activities of interest that can be satisfied in Princeton would be Golf, Arts and gardening.

In short, whether you are a sports fan, philosopher, historian or just looking for a relaxing time, Princeton has a place for you, there is something for everyone at Princeton so you can be sure you won't be disappointed if you pay Princeton, New Jersey a visit.